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Five animals that do our dirty work for us

Dogs and crows with unusual nine to fives. It’s hard to pay other species for their labor, though they work endlessly to support human existence. None of the MGM lions ever garnered royalties for their famous roars. Honey bees contribute more than $15 billion to the U.S. economy by pollinating agricultural plants, and they don’t […]

New Zealand’s 6-Toed ‘First Cat’ Dies In Car Accident

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the death of the country’s first-ever “first cat,” Paddles, on Wednesday, prompting reactions filled with grief and sadness on Twitter. A spokesperson for Ardern confirmed to local media that Paddles had died after being hit by a car near the prime minister’s home in Auckland, The Guardian reported. […]

How to Get an Older Dog to Learn a New Name

Huron Pet Supplies Adopting an older dog can be the ideal addition to your family. Not only are you giving the dog a new and loving home, but it will give you love, companionship and so much more in return. It will take time for you both to learn to communicate effectively with one another, […]

Are dogs trying to tell us something with their expressions?

Shutterstock Jan Hoole, Keele University Dogs have been part of human social groups for at least 30,000 years. So it’s not unreasonable to suppose that we might have had some influence on their behaviour, and perhaps their understanding, during that time. We certainly know that dogs have developed ways to communicate with us, for example […]

Henry Schein Animal Health Creates Pet Diabetes Resource Center To Raise Awareness Of Disease’s Risk Factors And Warning Signs

Downloadable Infographic Offers Veterinarians and Pet Parents Crucial Information to Enhance Understanding and Improve Management of Diabetes in Cats and Dogs MELVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Henry Schein Animal Health, the U.S. animal health business of Henry Schein, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSIC), today announced the launch of its Pet Diabetes Resource Center, a web-based […]

Celebrate National Cat Day 2017 With Famous Quotes From Cat Lovers

Before you get ready to put on your cute cat costume for Halloween, get ready to observe the National Cat Day on Oct. 29. It is an occasion to learn more about your favorite felines and maybe even adopt one from your nearest animal shelter! Another way to celebrate the occasion is to find out […]

Hugs for Pugs at London’s latest pup-up cafe

Pugs are the new fashion must-have in Britain, with owners, in love with their saggy faces and big eyes, even taking them for cocktails and afternoon tea in Pug-dedicated cafes. In east London’s agonisingly trendy Brick Lane neighbourhood, a dozen people stand outside gawping adoringly into the Pugs and Pals cafe. Inside is a cacophony […]

Pet Owners Advocate For Animals To Join Them In Burial

Death will not separate a pet and its loving owner, according to Eric Green, founder of Green-Pet Burial Society. Green-Pet Burial Society provides multiple ways of laying a dog or cat to rest, including “Whole-Family Cemeteries” — an alternative that allows pet owners to be laid to rest with their pet. The final wish of […]

Hungry Russian Bears Enter Cities, Killing Two

At least two people in Russia have been killed as a result of aggressive, hungry bears that have been roaming populated areas in the country’s far east, prompting the government to cull dozens of them, local media report. Authorities in Russia’s Sakhalin region shot to death 83 bears last week because their hostility posed a […]

California Woman Escapes Wildfires On Bike Carrying Her 70-Pound Pit Bull

Natasha Wallace will go through hell and high water – or in this case, wildfires – in order to rescue her 4-year-old pit bull, Bentley. The Santa Rosa Junior College student had just finished up studying for school across town from her house last Monday when she started driving home and saw that there was […]

All About Pet Vaccinations

Horun Pet Supplies Vaccinations are essential to protect your pet, but it can be confusing, even overwhelming, to decide which vaccinations are best for your pet and when they should be administered. The more you know about vaccinating your pet, however, the easier you will be able to take the best possible care of every […]

Pets can help children accept the challenges of foster care

Pets can help children accept the challenges of foster care Best friend. Shutterstock Sam Carr, University of Bath Stable, loving, secure family relationships are vital for child development and well-being. But many children who enter the foster care system have early experiences of neglect, suffering, hurt, and loss, and been deprived of secure parenting. A […]

California Requires Pet Stores To Sell Rescue Animals

California will become the first state ever to require pet stores to sell rescue animals after legislation was signed on Friday by Governor Jerry Brown. By 2019, pet stores will have to legally sell dogs, cats and rabbits from shelters or adoption centers. If the new law is not followed, pet stores can be charged […]

Family Reunite With Their Lost Dog After California Wildfires

A California family living in Wikiup Bridge Way in Santa Rosa, California, who had to flee the horrifying wildfires were relieved to reunite with their lost dog, Izzy, after they were forced to evacuate their home in the middle of the night. Beckjean Widen, whose parents lived in the house, shared the heartwarming story on […]

Puppy Found Stabbed, Stuffed In Suitcase Dies In Florida

A pit bull that was found stabbed multiple times and then stuffed inside a suitcase in Hollywwod, Florida, earlier this week succumbed to his injuries and died Thursday night, Hollywood Police Department said Friday on Twitter. The plight of the dog, who was named Ollie by his rescuers, drew attention nationwide, and people across the […]

Cooking for Fido: Understanding Pet Food Preparation

Joanne-Peniinsulat Pet Supplies Food plays a very important role in keeping your pets in tip top shape. This in turn allows them to perform their best in whatever activities they want to engage in. Since these pets keep their owners company, a huge number of owners are taking the necessary measures in providing them with […]

Do You Feel Safe Walking your Dog at Night?

David Montgomerie -Pet Supplies Empire Whether it’s because we finish work late or we simply love clearing our minds with a peaceful night-time stroll under the stars, walking our dogs at night is common for many dog owners. But do you feel safe walking your dog at night? Depending on where you’re walking and how […]

The Language of Wag: What Your Dog is Really Saying

Huron Pet Supply The classic telltale sign of the emotional state of man’s best friend is the position and movement of the tail. Wagging infers happiness or excitement, while the well known “tail between the legs” demonstrates fear, shame, or timidity. But the action of your dog’s tail and their behavior is spectacularly more complex […]

A clownfish can take on a shark, but this predicament may prove harder to handle

It’s hot out here for a sea anemone. Anemonefish floating amidst unbleached sea anemones. Depositphotos “A coral reef is very busy and very noisy. There’s lots of clicking sounds, there are fish grunting,” says Suzanne Mills, an endocrinologist with EPHE PSL Research University and the Center for Insular Research and Environmental Observatory (CRIOBE) in Moorea, […]

Finding Nemo may become even harder: climate study

The clownfish, the colourful swimmer propelled to fame by the 2003 film “Finding Nemo”, is under threat from warming ocean waters wreaking havoc with sea anemones — the structures which serve as its home, a study has found. Closely related to corals, sea anemones are invertebrate marine creatures that live in symbiosis with algae, which […]