Dog walking : What we should know?

Bookmark the link –‘Big Kennel’ is cracking down on local dog walkers This is why it’s always gratifying to see individuals stepping up to provide the public services, while at the same time gaining knowledge and experience about what it takes to start and build a business. Reading more – Why you should think twice […]

Pet Food Poisoning.

Bookmark the link – Foods that cats and dogs should never eat. Before caving into the temptation to share snacks with their pets, pet owners should recognize the common foods the ASP-CA and other pet welfare organizations list as the most likely to contribute to pet poisonings worldwide. Continue reading –Don’t Drink the Water: Blue-Green […]

Not a fan of off-leash dog parks

Bookmark the link Not a fan of off-leash dog parks I think we live in a great city. A city that provides and maintains off leash dog areas. A city that provides waste bags for your dog’s business. We have animal control officers to help us when our dogs are lost. I love the city, […]