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When ‘man’s best friend’ feels more hate than love for an owne

Let’s just go our separate ways. anaxolotl, CC BY-NC Nicholas Dodman, Tufts University Everyone thinks that dogs worship their owners – viewing them as gods of some sort. While that may be true in the majority of cases, it isn’t always so. As a veterinarian who has focused on animal behavior and the human/canine bond […]

Stop Feline Urinary Tract Problems With a Clean Litter Box

Stop Feline Urinary Tract Problems With a Clean Litter Box (339) (NewsUSA) – Urinary tract problems are a common affliction among cats. Regular litter box cleaning is an important step in keeping this painful condition in check. “Cleanliness is one key to avoiding cat urinary tract problems,” says veterinarian Melissa Brookshire. “Urinary tract obstructions, evidenced […]

Cat’s Meow: Survey Says Owners Love, Misunderstand Feline Friends

Cat’s Meow: Survey Says Owners Love, Misunderstand Feline Friends (423) (NewsUSA) – The battle over cats versus dogs is as old as the species themselves. Debate any cat lover on this point, and watch the claws come out. However, while clearly passionate about their feline companions, a new national survey by Missouri-based Royal Canin found […]

Extinct Tasmanian Tigers Died of Thirst in Australia

Little is known about the thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, or Tasmanian wolf. Humans killed them off of Tasmania so quickly that the animals went extinct before we could properly conserve them. But research published today at the University of Adelaide may help answer one of the questions about this mysterious creature: how did it go […]

Man’s best friend aids Australian military vets with PTSD

They are nicknamed “pills with four legs” — highly-trained dogs helping ex-Australian military veterans overcome the mental scars of war. Australia’s servicemen and women have in recent times been posted to danger zones in Iraq, East Timor, and Afghanistan — the nation’s longest-running military conflict. With some undertaking multiple tours of duty, psychologists are concerned […]

Russians Ban Barking Dogs, but Putin Loves Them

Russian legislators in Siberia have voted to punish owners of dogs and cats that bark and meow at night in a bid to cut down on what’s reportedly become a public nuisance. Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk, a southwest Siberian region that includes Russia’s third most populous city, moved on Thursday to […]

Woman, dog rescued at Jersey Shore after being toppled by wave, swept out

ATLANTIC CITY — Lifeguards rescued a woman and her dog after they were knocked down by storm surge while walking along the shoreline on Wednesday, officials said. The woman and the dog were taking a stroll off Vermont Avenue near the water around noon when they were unexpectedly pulled into the ocean, the Atlantic City […]

‘100 cases of dog bites reported at Jinnah hospital daily’

The neutering of dogs can protect against rabies, according to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Executive Director Dr Seemin Jamali. World Rabies Day was marked on Thursday. In the current year, 4,023 cases of dog bites have been reported. According to her, around a 100 cases of dog bites are reported at Jinnah hospital on a […]

Happy trails: Jackie the wandering German shepherd is found in Morristown

People come from near and far to explore all that Morristown has to offer. Why should humans have all the fun? Jackie, a 2 1/2 year old German shepherd from Chatham, evidently wanted to see for herself. Sign looking for Jackie, outside Morristown’s Bubba Rose Biscuit Co. Photo courtesy of Linda Hobbie She gave owner […]

Tragic end for a stolen pig named Spam

He was taken during a home robbery, but his owners remained optimistic that Spam would survive. RELATED: A family’s mini pig named Spam was stolen in a home robbery Watch the video Their hopes fell when their pet miniature pig was found dead in a carrier in an East Cleveland, Ohio, backyard. The owners of […]

Grandmother sees giant tortoise as the perfect pet

The name Hao Yulan may not ring a bell even with her neighbors, but she is known online nationwide as “Grandma Tortoise”. Hao, an 83-year-old grandmother who lives in Changchun, Jilin province, became well-known after local media reported her taking her pet giant tortoise Xiaosu out for a walk. The tortoise always attracts attention with […]

VIDEO: Woman Dragged Off Flight For Dispute Over ‘Life-Threatening’ Pet Allergy

A woman aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1525 from Baltimore to Los Angeles International Airport this week was seen in video being dragged off the plane over a dispute regarding a “life-threatening pet allergy,” the airline said. Law enforcement officials were seeing pulling and physically carrying her as other passengers filmed the incident, which the airline […]

Girl gets pet hamster after her letter to Petco ends up at power company Pepco

It’s not often you get your pet from an electric company, but that was the case for an 8-year-old girl in Washington, D.C. Serenity Williams wrote a letter, meant to be sent to Petco, asking for a pet hamster, but an accident landed it in front of a customer care worker for the electric power […]

Puppies Saved After Being Dumped in Massachusetts River

Six one-week-old puppies found by kayakers in a river in southern Massachusetts are likely to survive their ordeal, police say. The puppies were discovered “tied up in a grain bag and left for dead” after being dumped into the Blackstone River, the Uxbridge Police Department said on Sunday, requesting information from the public that could […]

A mama dog did all she could to save her pups from drowning in a heavy downpour

A dog named Lu quickly responded when her four puppies’ lives were suddenly in grave danger due to a heavy downpour in Dong Nai, Vietnam. Lu and her owner had to race against the clock to bring her pups to safety. RELATED: Forbes released the list of the world’s Most Influential Pets, but who topped […]

Hikers Rescue Starving Dog Trapped For 6 Weeks On Frigid Mountain

It had been six weeks since Chloe the senior dog had gone missing on the top of a Colorado mountain – but miraculously, thanks to two determined hikers, she was finally rescued and brought to safety. 14-year-old Chloe had first gone missing after she had run off during a walk with her owners, Larry Osborne […]

Morris County Sheriff’s Office Sniffs out Shelter Dog for K-9 Section

PARSIPPANY – The Morris County Sheriff’s Office has adopted a dog from the Parsippany Animal Shelter to be trained as a single purpose explosive detection dog. K9 Boomer, an 8 month old German Shepherd / Labrador Mix was selected after passing the Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Section’s rigorous preliminary testing standards. Sheriff James M. […]

Stolen! An RV packed with dogs takes a startling joy ride

A car thief got more than he bargained for when he stole an RV in Washington State on Friday night. Inside were 12 dogs, including a 130-pound Doberman pinscher. The Stenberg family motorhome was taken in the parking lot of a Federal Way sporting goods store, the Associated Press reports. Police say they discovered the […]

Dog helps man clean streets, collect rubbish

The pet helps its owner with cleaning work on Yuanda Avenue in Changchun, Jilin province. [Photo by Ding Luyang/chinadaily.com.cn] A pet dog has been helping its owner, a cleaner surnamed Xue, with public cleaning and rubbish collection work for past three years ago. They always carry out cleaning work around a shopping mall on Yuanda […]

Tokyo infant mauled to death by pet dog

TheJapanTimesA 10-month-old girl mauled by a pet dog died in Hachioji, Tokyo on Thursday, according to the police. The dog was a pet kept by the girl’s grandparents. At around 4:35 p.m., Midori Yasuda was suddenly attacked by a 4-year-old male golden retriever when she was crawling in front of her grandparents, the Tokyo Metropolitan […]