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Why dog theft is on the rise – and how you can keep your pet safe

Easy target. Shutterstock Anne Carter, Nottingham Trent University When I was growing up, seeing a dog tied up outside a shop while the owner popped inside was commonplace. Although a rarer sight these days, it makes me cringe. Not because of the often expectant pooch waiting patiently by the door, but because of the very […]

The Dangerous Dogs Act bites worse than it barks

Poor treatment is one reason why any dog could become dangerous. Raymond Larose Maria Kaspersson, University of Greenwich Proposed changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act are based on the assumption that Britain faces a growing threat posed by dangerous dogs and their owners. The proposal is to impose harsher penalties. Before we buy into this […]

How can you tell if your cat is happy and likes you?

Curious Kids: How can you tell if your cat is happy and likes you? The things you see your cat doing are probably what it enjoys. Flickr/Jennifer Williams, CC BY Susan Hazel, University of Adelaide This is an article from Curious Kids, a series for children. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions […]

Pup Wants Puerto Rico to Rise Again–Watch Him Lend a Paw to Help

Even dogs are getting involved in the tremendous clean up effort underway on the island of Puerto Rico following a hurricane that tore up roads and left tens of thousands homeless. Truly man’s best friend, this pup sees what the people around him are doing, and joins in to help clear debris. “Amazing!” wrote Orgulloso […]