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All About Pet Vaccinations

Horun Pet Supplies Vaccinations are essential to protect your pet, but it can be confusing, even overwhelming, to decide which vaccinations are best for your pet and when they should be administered. The more you know about vaccinating your pet, however, the easier you will be able to take the best possible care of every […]

Pets can help children accept the challenges of foster care

Pets can help children accept the challenges of foster care Best friend. Shutterstock Sam Carr, University of Bath Stable, loving, secure family relationships are vital for child development and well-being. But many children who enter the foster care system have early experiences of neglect, suffering, hurt, and loss, and been deprived of secure parenting. A […]

California Requires Pet Stores To Sell Rescue Animals

California will become the first state ever to require pet stores to sell rescue animals after legislation was signed on Friday by Governor Jerry Brown. By 2019, pet stores will have to legally sell dogs, cats and rabbits from shelters or adoption centers. If the new law is not followed, pet stores can be charged […]

Family Reunite With Their Lost Dog After California Wildfires

A California family living in Wikiup Bridge Way in Santa Rosa, California, who had to flee the horrifying wildfires were relieved to reunite with their lost dog, Izzy, after they were forced to evacuate their home in the middle of the night. Beckjean Widen, whose parents lived in the house, shared the heartwarming story on […]

Puppy Found Stabbed, Stuffed In Suitcase Dies In Florida

A pit bull that was found stabbed multiple times and then stuffed inside a suitcase in Hollywwod, Florida, earlier this week succumbed to his injuries and died Thursday night, Hollywood Police Department said Friday on Twitter. The plight of the dog, who was named Ollie by his rescuers, drew attention nationwide, and people across the […]