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Allergy sufferers still have pet options .

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*** Allergy sufferers still have pet options . “People are typically allergic to the dander and saliva of dogs and cats,” Stickney said. “Cats groom themselves more than dogs, so more people are allergic to cats and have more severe symptoms than those allergic to dogs.” Read more

*** One in ten cat and dog owners are allergic to their own pets . It found that 25 per cent of those with allergies stated that their allergies actually improved after being exposed to a pet while 16 per cent said their condition had worsened.Read more

*** Does My Pet Have Allergies? Many pet owners are surprised to learn that animals can suffer from allergies. The environmental allergens that make us sneeze can make our dogs and cats itch. While we don’t see clinical signs like sneezing and runny noses in dogs and cats, scratching can become almost constant.Read more

*** Allergic to your pet? These tips might help “I feel like everything we do, we do with our dogs,” Sloan says. “We go hiking. We go for long walks in the city. We go to the dog park.”
But a few years back, the Director of Development for the non-profit rescue PAWS Atlanta got tested for allergies to pinpoint what was causing her sinus congestion and sneezing.Read more

*** Could Your Pet Have Allergies? Here’s How to Tell
Allergy symptoms like sniffling and scratching aren’t exclusive to humans. A lot of the sensitivities that cause discomfort for us can also bother cats or dogs. Because pinpointing the source can be tricky, you should always head to the vet if you suspect that your dog or cat has allergies,

A very happy Dalmatian dog scratches his back, smiles, and stretches on a lush green shady lawn on a hot summer day in the California desert. He is on his back in front of some bricks and buckwheat flowers.

*** Does your pet have springtime allergies? “Animals are susceptible to the same airborne allergens — pollen, trees, grasses, mold and insects — that we are,” Dr. Heather Peikes,Read more

*** How to identify, treat your pet’s allergies
Pet allergy symptoms are similar to the what people experience, including itchy eyes or a running nose.
“We see a lot of skin problems, too,” Mixon said.
He said to look for signs that a pet may be suffering from allergies, such as chewing on themselves or shaking their heads.Read more

*** Help Ease Your Dog’s Allergies With These 5 Natural Remedies
Remember that “allergy season” can occur at different times of the year, depending on the dog. Our hound mix Maizy, for example, gets incredibly itchy right around Indian summer; but she’s perfectly fine by late fall. Grant seems especially reactive during the spring. And other pups may experience no seasonal changes whatsoever — yet exhibit sensitivity to something in their home environment or to an ingredient in their food.Read more

*** Beat the allergy season this spring Researchers believe allergy conditions are the most common health issue for children and 1 in 6 Americans suffer from allergy conditions year-round, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.Read more

*** 7 Allergies That Are On the Rise—and Why You’re Likely At Risk
Next time you have an allergic reaction while talking on your cell phone, wearing a new watch, or hiking through the forest, it could be because of one of these triggers that are on the rise nationwide.Read more

*** Why you shouldn’t let allergies stop you from adopting petsABC News’ Rob Marciano talks with the Eh Bee family, who are partnering with Flonase, an allergy nasal spray made by GlaxoSmithKline, to help find homes for shelter animals. Read more

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*** Vet Advice: Dog Flea Allergy and What to Do About It The first thing you notice is hair loss along your dog’s neck, spine and thighs. The skin is flecked with scabs and hot to the touch. Then there’s the scratching: automatic, back-foot-reaching, irrepressible. You may—or may not— see live fleas, or only scant flea dirt (specks of digested blood).Read more

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