Crazy Pet Anti-Vaxxers Provoke My Canine Lyme Disease Vaccine Envy

Bookmark the link Crazy Pet Anti-Vaxxers Provoke My Canine Lyme Disease Vaccine Envy Admittedly it sounds like a spoof or a plot from the TV comedy Portlandia, but the the Brooklyn Paper is reporting that local veterinarians have noticed anti-vax madness has taken hold among Brooklynite hipsters who are refusing to get their dogs and […]

Pet Reunited with Owner after Few Months

Bookmark the link I’ll be bark! Family’s beloved dog reunited with owners FOUR YEARS after being stolen – thanks to microchip A cocker spaniel has been reunited with her family four years after being stolen thanks to her microchip – despite many owners still refusing to get their pets fitted with them.Read more Cat missing […]

Animal cruelty with 111 dogs and cats in home

Bookmark the link North Texas woman charged with animal cruelty after 111 dogs and cats found in her home A North Texas woman has been charged with animal cruelty after more than 100 dogs and cats were found in her home on July 25. Deborah Thompson, 56, had her home in Keller raided by Animal […]

Pet Stores are Banned to Sell Dogs and Cats

Bookmark the link Metro Vancouver residents support ban on pet sales from retail stores A new Insights West survey found three quarters of Metro residents support Vancouver’s proposed ban on dogs, cats and rabbits from pet stores.A majority of Metro Vancouver residents support a proposed ban on the sales of cats and dogs in pet […]

Scammers look to capitalize on pain of lost animals

Bookmark the link Scammers preying on bereft pet parents in new scam Posting on social media is a great way to alert a wide range of people about a lost pet. Unfortunately, that same publicity can put you at risk for scams. Con artists comb social posts to find targets who have lost their beloved […]

Cats Stories : Meet Genie , Erik and Andrew Hogg

Bookmark the link ‘Hanging on by a thread’: Perth woman warns of cat-trapping dangers A Perth woman has been left shaken after her one-year-old cat was seriously injured in an alleged cat-baiting trap in Wellard on Wednesday.Read more Humane Officers Concerned After Second Cat Found Shot Westmoreland and Indiana Counties Humane officer Mindy James said another […]

Keep Your Pets Safe From Tick And Fleas

Bookmark the link Win your pet’s battle against fleas and ticks It’s that time of year again when fleas and ticks are most bothersome. They hike a ride into your home via your pet (or your clothes). Although you don’t notice the pesky bugs right away, soon fleas begin to lay eggs on your pet, […]

Protecting your pet from the summer heat

Protecting your pet from the summer heat Summer time in Texas means more time to play outside, go swimming, and soak up the sun. However, warmer temperatures also mean that pets may be more susceptible to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.Read more Hot Weather Problems: SPCA asks pet owners to take precautions MARTINSVILLE – The […]

Tips to deal with mosquitoes, blackflies and other pesky bugs

Tips to deal with mosquitoes, blackflies and other pesky bugs If you own a cottage, you’ve had uninvited guests arrive in May. They show up at your barbecue, picnic or corn roast and just won’t leave. Female black flies, mosquitoes, deer flies and horse flies need human (or animal) blood to produce the next generation […]

How to help pets trapped in hot cars

Bookmark the link No more excuses: no more pets in hot cars “I was only gone a few minutes.” “I just had a couple of stops to make.” Every year, pets suffer and die needlessly when their guardians make the mistake of leaving them in a parked car — even for “just a minute” — […]

Camping tips: How to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog

Bookmark the link Camping tips: How to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog For many dog lovers, no trip is complete without the companionship of your four-legged best friends, including adventures in the great outdoors. We have advice and packing guides to make your camping trip safe and fun.Read more Police officer saves thirsty […]

Dog walking : What we should know?

Bookmark the link –‘Big Kennel’ is cracking down on local dog walkers This is why it’s always gratifying to see individuals stepping up to provide the public services, while at the same time gaining knowledge and experience about what it takes to start and build a business. Reading more – Why you should think twice […]

Pet Food Poisoning.

Bookmark the link – Foods that cats and dogs should never eat. Before caving into the temptation to share snacks with their pets, pet owners should recognize the common foods the ASP-CA and other pet welfare organizations list as the most likely to contribute to pet poisonings worldwide. Continue reading –Don’t Drink the Water: Blue-Green […]

Not a fan of off-leash dog parks

Bookmark the link Not a fan of off-leash dog parks I think we live in a great city. A city that provides and maintains off leash dog areas. A city that provides waste bags for your dog’s business. We have animal control officers to help us when our dogs are lost. I love the city, […]

Protect your pets from parasites

Bookmark the link Top 10 tips to prevent pet tummy troubles “The most common reason for this in dogs is eating something they shouldn’t.” “Other causes include stress, food sensitivities, parasites, bacterial infections and viruses, or chronic conditions including pancreatitis, colitis and inflammatory bowel disease,” said Dr Fyvie.Read more Ask the Vet: The scoop on […]

Allergy sufferers still have pet options .

Bookmark the link *** Allergy sufferers still have pet options . “People are typically allergic to the dander and saliva of dogs and cats,” Stickney said. “Cats groom themselves more than dogs, so more people are allergic to cats and have more severe symptoms than those allergic to dogs.” Read more *** One in ten […]

Feed your pet with the best Foods

Bookmark the link *** Pricey pet food not always worthwhile, experts say. Consumer NZ pointed to a case in the US, where Mars Petcare, which makes Eukanuba, made ads saying a 10-year study had found labradors lived 30 per cent longer eating its products. The lab results were false. Mars Petcare agreed to settle Federal […]

Buying a Dog vs. Having a Kid

PLEASE BOOKMARK THE LINK *** Should pets be considered children or property? “Many dogs are treated as members of the family with whom they live,” Danyliuk said in his ruling. “But after all is said and done, a dog is a dog. At law it is property, a domesticated animal that is owned. At law it […]

Dog, cat need regular dental checkups .

PLEASE BOOKMARK THE LINK *** Picasso the dog finds Internet fame: ‘He’s perfectly imperfect’ Picasso and his brother, Pablo, both 10 months old and believed to be a mix of pitbull and corgi, were dumped at a Southern California shelter two months ago. Both were on the list for euthanizing when Liesl Wilhardt, founder of […]

How common is stealing pets ?

PLEASE BOOKMARK THE LINK *** Stolen dog dies after being reunited with family. A friend of Thompson’s purchased the dog from a family acquaintance. Thompson said the dog was brought in to get groomed shortly after being stolen around noon. Read more *** Edmonton dog owner asks for help to find 9 stolen puppies. The […]