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How to help pets trapped in hot cars

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No more excuses: no more pets in hot cars
“I was only gone a few minutes.”
“I just had a couple of stops to make.”
Every year, pets suffer and die needlessly when their guardians make the mistake of leaving them in a parked car — even for “just a minute” — while they run an errand.It can’t be said often enough: never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle during the summer. Read more

How to help pets trapped in hot cars

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — A startling difference in temperature readings when firefighters got inside of a car parked outside for just ten minutes. The car temperature was almost 30 degrees more than the outside temperature of 91.Read more

More states say ‘yes’ to breaking into cars when a dog is at risk
Yesterday, I wrote about Chinese authorities stopping a truck jam-packed with 800-plus dogs bound for slaughter. Today, I read a story about a truck with nearly 1,000 small animals crammed inside — including birds, chickens, bunnies, and guinea pigs – and left in the searing heat in Fresno County, California. Read more

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Pet owners warned not to leave dogs in hot cars
The heat can kill. When temperatures outside reach 100 degrees, temperatures inside a car can get up to 138 degrees in 5 minutes and 150 degrees in 15 minutes. Here are ideas on how to reduce the risk of forgetting about a child or pet in a hot car. Read more

Longford pet-owners warned not to leave dogs in cars during hot weather
The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has this morning warned Longford pet-owners to look after their pets in the hot weather.
Today’s weather, according to Met Éireann, will once again be hot, with sunny spells and variable cloud. Temperatures are set to reach between 21 and 25 degrees in the province of Leinster.Read more

Pennsylvania lawmakers propose bill to help save pets left in hot cars
HARRISBURG, Pa. —  Today kicks off the start of summer and officials met in Harrisburg to discuss how to better protect our furry, four-legged friends in the heat.
When it is warm outside, you may be hot, and your pet is too, especially if it is left in a car alone, but lawmakers are working to protect pets and the people who may have to rescue them from a car in extreme heat.Read more

Warning issued following death of TV presenter’s dogs after being in hot car
Dog owners are being urged to think twice before taking their dogs in hot cars after a TV presenter’s pets both died from heatstroke.
Katherine Higgins, who has been on Antiques Roadshow and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, shared the news on social media that both her Labradors -Monty and Daisy – had died.Read more


How to keep your dog safe in the heatwave
Dogs die in hot cars’ is hopefully something we all know by now.
After extensive campaigns to warn people that cars get very hot even on a moderately warm day, most people know the theory – there’s even a band with the same name.Read more

BEIJING – APRIL 23: (CHINA OUT) A dog looks out of the window in a car April 23, 2006 in Beijing, China. According to state media, with the country’s pet population growing fast, analysts predicted that the market potential for the “pet economy” in China could reach a minimum of RMB 15 billion (about USD 1.86 billion). (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Dog owner from Littlebourne, near Canterbury, arrested in Chichester on suspicion of animal cruelty after dog left in hot van

A dog owner has been arrested and his pet seized after the animal was left in a van for more than four hours in yesterday’s sweltering heat. 
Police were called after a passerby saw the van shaking as the dog desperately tried to escape the baking vehicle. Read more

Santa Clarita Deputies Rescue Second Dog Trapped In Heat In 2 Days (VIDEO)
About a dozen onlookers gathered around a silver, two-door Mercedes coupe in the Costco parking lot around 11:30 a.m., as the temperature approached 100 degrees.Read more

Instead of leaving your dogs alone in a hot car, leave them at home
PETERBOROUGH — The Peterborough Humane Society is  launching its 2017 No Hot Pets campaign to educate the public on the dangers of leaving pets unattended in vehicles during the summer months.Read more

London man seeks bylaw against dogs in cars
If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet.
A London man is petitioning the city to create a bylaw that would allow bylaw enforcement officers and city police to rescue pets left in hot vehicles.
Cole Benjamin was going into a drug store on a recent hot day when he noticed a dog in a car with the windows cracked open slightlyRead more

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    I have truly enjoyed the pictures and the comments my family are all boxer lovers . someone recently stole my 6 mth. baby we are alll heart broken.looking for another.

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