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Not a fan of off-leash dog parks

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Not a fan of off-leash dog parks I think we live in a great city. A city that provides and maintains off leash dog areas. A city that provides waste bags for your dog’s business. We have animal control officers to help us when our dogs are lost. I love the city, but I am not a fan of off-leash dog parks or walking trails. Please let me explain why.
There are risks which I associate with off-leash dog parks and I will not put my dog in any risky situation. Most of these risks are because of human error, negligence and ignorance.Read more

LaSalle considers establishing dog park. Four-legged friends may soon have a place to run free in LaSalle as the town considers establishing a leash-free dog park.She outlined the basic costs to establish a park at about $30,000, with fencing and gates being the biggest expense. Two separate areas would be needed – one for larger dogs and the other for smaller dogs.Read more

CANINE CONNECTION: Good fences make good dog parks
I’ve never been a fan of dog parks. The whole idea of confining a group of under stimulated, overzealous dogs to an area with little or no escape routes to safely retreat and de-escalate conflict just has major veterinarian bill and permanent behavioural issue written all over it.Read more

Puppy put down after attack at off-leash dog park A nine-month-old puppy had to be put down after he was gravely injured by a German shepherd during an attack at an off-leash dog park in North Battleford Monday.
Lyle Kennedy posted a video of the attack to Facebook in the hopes of finding the German shepherd’s owner. He said the dog’s owner gave him a phone number to contact him, but when he called the number was unlisted.Read more

Dog parks shouldn’t be your pooch’s 1st social experience, says behaviourist
Dog behaviourist Barbara Lloyd says the dog park is not a place to take your canine companion for its first taste of social interaction. 
“The dog park is not a place for socialization,” Lloyd said. 
Instead, she said dogs should socialize when they’re still puppies and recommends putting your pup through training, which allows a dog to become more familiar with other dogs. Read more

Residents push for new city dog park Current park suffering in size, design, and maintenance
Lisa Bergman, Kira Baines, and Nicole Sztabkowski brought their concerns to city councillors on Monday, saying the city’s off-leash park at Toboggan Hill is suffering in size, design, lack of parking, and poor maintenance. The current park is little more than a small fenced area filled with gravel and a few muddy mounds topped with hydrants or rocks – Read more

Tampered food with needles inside left in Vancouver dog park
The BC SPCA is investigating after another report that tampered food was found in a popular park in Metro Vancouver.
Officials say they are now aware of a third incident in East Vancouver’s Strathcona Park, where it appears food with needles stuffed into it was left on the ground for dogs to find and eat.Read more

Dogs eat pizza stuffed with sewing needles left in Vancouver park
Pet owners may want to keep their animals on a tighter leash at a popular Vancouver park after two dogs are said to have found abandoned pieces of pizza stuffed with sewing needles.
The two incidents at an off-leash area in Strathcona Park were reported to the City of Vancouver in the past two weeks, according to CTV Vancouver. The pair of disturbing discoveries has local pet owners on edge.Read more

OB neighbors believe lack of dog park maintenance is dangerous
Every afternoon at 4 p.m., you can find Mike Ryan at the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park in Ocean Beach. He says his six dogs have trained him to go there every day.
“We’re an empty nest, but now we have dogs instead of kids, they’re our new kids,” said Ryan.Read more

Dog helps save hikers after grizzly chases them for 20 minutes in Banff National Park
The bear was standing a short six metres away from the hikers near the trailhead of the Cascade amphitheatre trail. They turned around immediately but the bear started following them. The group tried to remain calm, but the grizzly charged towards Campbell and forced them to release their dog. Read more

Slain puppy found near Meadow Lake dog park
Meadow Lake RCMP are investigating the slaying of a puppy after it was found near the city’s off-leash dog park.
Sgt. Ryan How with the Meadow Lake detachment said a woman from the city informed them on Sunday that she had found the dead puppy near the park.
“It was obviously killed on purpose and a large knife or machete was seized from closeby,” said HowRead more

Council to consider Windward Oahu “off-leash” dog park
Dog owners on the Windward side of Oahu say they’ve been asking for a dog park for more than a decade.
This week, Honolulu City Council will consider a resolution to finally establish the island’s sixth “off-leash” dog park.
“Tons of people have dogs here in Kailua and Kanehoe, and there’s no where for the dogs just to run loose,” Windward Dog Park Hui member, Jessica Hawkins said. Read more

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