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Thousands of dollars Cats in the cages

Once in a while I see these horrible pictures and videos and I rush to judgement and go on the warpath. I want you to look at these pictures and form an opinion then read the story at the bottom. Problem is that most of these pictures are “Staged” Meaning that several litter boxes were […]

Watch: Woman finds 10 foot python under bed

[youtube:2031690] A Thai woman was shocked to find a ten foot python snake hiding under her bed, the Daily Mail reported. Thanapoom Lekyen, 42, discovered the massive snake in the in the morning. It had infiltrated by slithering through the window, and ate her family cat. Lekyan said that the deadly creature would have killed […]

Schnauzer mix needs to be an only-pet

ROCKAWAY — Bosco is a 5-year-old male schnauzer mix in the care of Eleventh Hour Rescue. He had a home in an apartment, but didn’t get along with other dogs on his necessary walks, so he was relinquished to the rescue group. Bosco knows basic commands and is well-behaved on car rides. He would be […]

A dog with a pretty incredible nose

A family was dumbfounded when their pet golden retriever dug up a whole lot of hard drugs in the backyard A family in Yamhill County, Ore. has discovered that their pet golden retriever is actually an amateur drug-sniffing dog with a pretty incredible nose. When 18-month-old Kenyon started digging in the backyard, they thought he’d […]

Parents found a venomous snake

Parents found a venomous snake hiding inches away from their baby’s crib and called in experts to remove the threat Imagine the horror of finding a venomous snake curled up beside your baby’s crib. Talk about terrifying. That’s exactly what happened to a couple in Queensland, Australia, as the father was vacuuming the little tyke’s […]

A long trip for the Giant tortoise

Giant tortoise that fled Japan zoo found 140 metres away A giant tortoise that made a break from a Japanese zoo has been found safe and sound two weeks after it escaped — just 140 metres from the park. The 35-year-old female, named Abuh and measuring around one metre (three feet) in length, steamed out […]

‘Raising a pet is like raising a child’

‘Raising a pet is like raising a child’ In a society where most animals are neglected, especially those who are handicapped and need human aid the most, Rubaba Niazi decided to go against all odds to provide better care for handicapped animals. ‘I was told by majority of the vets that nothing could be done […]

Bear Biting Off Man’s Arm

Shocking Video Shows Bear Biting Off Man’s Arm After He Provokes It In a shocking incident that was caught on CCTV, a bear violently attacked a man after he jumped into the animal’s enclosure in a drunken state to feed it milk. In the incident that occurred Tuesday in Shelekhov district of Irkutsk region in […]

Blue Dog surprised people

Something in the water – and it’s turning dogs blue A strange thing is happening to dogs in the Indian township of Navi Mumbai – they’ve started to turn blue. At least five bright blue dogs have been spotted and animal rights group are blaming industrial pollutants in the nearby Kasadi river. They say the […]

New Life for a Paralyzed Pup

New Life for an Army Vet’s Paralyzed Pup An eight-year-old dog named Cesar who was permanently paralyzed by a disc injury has been given a new lease on life, after his Army veteran owner reached out to the Lifeline Animal Project Pets for Life Program for help. Malcolm Stafford said he noticed Cesar was injuring […]

Blue Boots for Baby Flamingo

Boots Were Made For Walking – and Helping This Baby Flamingo Grow Healthy and Strong This baby flamingo named Squish is definitely following in Blondie’s footsteps with his cool new blue booties. Zoo keepers from Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park first found Squish in an abandoned egg three months ago. After keeping him in an incubator, […]

PETA pays a family tens of thousands of dollars

PETA to pay thousands of dollars after killing a family’s beloved pet People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is going to pay a Virginia family tens of thousands of dollars after it was found that the animal activists euthanized a 9-year-old girls’ Chihuahua well before the state’s five-day waiting period. RELATED: From public relations […]

Endangered fish just got a rescue

N.J.’s most endangered fish just got a rescue line from feds A fish that’s nearly extinct in the waters surrounding New Jersey got a big boost from the federal government on Wednesday. The Atlantic sturgeon has been endangered since 2012, but so far no major measures have been taken to protect the species. On Wednesday, […]

Salmon, is a great meal in breastfeeding

5 Of The Best Foods And Drinks For Breastfeeding Mothers August is breastfeeding awareness month, and this year’s theme is “Charting the Course Together” to focus on how we can use data to help reinforce connections between breastfeeding and other health topics. In recognition of this theme, we have compiled a list of five of […]

Black swan finds a match

Black swan finds a match after German park posts lonely-hearts ad Bayreuth, Germany (dpa) – After the untimely death of her companion, a black swan at a stately park in southern Germany has had a change of fortune, after a local breeder responded to her lonely-hearts advert. The female bird at Rosenau Palace in the […]

Bird strike causes fire in fighter engine

Pilot safely lands fighter jet after bird strike causes fire in engine A navy carrier airman managed to land his plane after it hit a flock of birds and its left engine caught fire during a training session, reported on Aug 17. Yuan Wei, flying the J-15 fighter jet, started his training with another […]

25 cats rescued from Bridgewater apartment

Over 25 cats rescued from hoarder’s Bridgewater apartment BRIDGEWATER – Newborn kittens and pregnant cats were among more than two dozen felines rescued Wednesday from an abandoned Bridgewater apartment. Going on a tip, the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter at 100 Commons Way organized the rescue and is starting the legal process of obtaining ownership of […]

New pets : Colored frog to blowfish crab

Fancy exotic animals as pets? Hangzhou shop has the answer Colored frogs in a glass container. According to experts, colored frogs can cause allery to children.[Photo/VCG] If you are thinking about getting a pet, but don’t want cat or dog, there are a few unusual animals at a pet and flower market in Hangzhou, Zhejiang […]

1,200 Mile Ride to Honor His Late Dog

Determined Pet Owner Channels Grief into Action with 1,200 Mile Ride to Honor His Late Dog Hope’s Ride – A Journey of Healing CLEVELAND, Aug. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On August 19th, Air National Guard member Rick Dreyer will get on his bike in Amelia Island, Florida and start a 1,200-mile journey to Embrace Pet […]

Dog loves the smell of burnt rubber

Jett the drifting dog loves the smell of burnt rubber Dog owners can be a little, well, crazy. Some carry more insurance on their little pups then they do on their own kids. They take them to salons, feed them organic food and the worst offenders dress them up like humans and carry them around […]