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Pet Insurance.Yes or No ?


*** B.C. lawyer says pet insurance not worth the cost. “I don’t believe in pet insurance because I have seen so many clients who have been on the spectrum of the gamut of people who do not benefit from pet insurance,”  said Victoria Shroff.Read more

*** Gold Coasters claim nearly $2m in pet insurance for surgery. In 2016, more than $3.7 million was spent on pet veterinary care and health care products across the nation, while spending on veterinary services increased by 15 per cent from 2013 to 2016. Read more

*** Pet insurance an option for pet owners. According to a recent report from the University of Pennsylvania, the average annual cost of owning a medium-sized dog is just under $3,000.
That number covers veterinary visits, food and supplies. However, it doesn’t cover the cost if your pet gets sick.Continue reading

*** BBB: What to know about pet insurance We just got our first puppy! While it’s an exciting time, I want to make sure I take him to a good vet. I keep seeing offers of pet insurance online. What should I know about it?Read more

*** Weighing The Costs Of Owning A Pet. “It is an investment in family in a lot of ways. It’s not just an investment in what this animal is going to cost, but what this animal is going to give us,” explains Dr. Erika Anseeuw, Director of Animal Health at the Winnipeg Humane Society. “And in order for them to give us that, what do we need to have in place for them.” Read more

*** A Vet’s Guide to Buying Pet Insurance When people question the cost of veterinary services, it is important to keep in mind that like human medicine, new diagnostic tests, new treatment procedures, and new medications are being developed each year for our furry friends. Read more

*** Pet health insurance, is it worth it? “It depends, it comes down to a financial and emotional decision, Over the life of your pet, you’ll probably pay more in premiums than you’ll receive in benefits. But, keep in mind, if your pet is injured or has a serious health issues that insurance could be great for your finances,” Kristine Zewe,a quality analyst at PEMCO Insurance said.Read more

*** Should you insure your pet? Pet insurance is nice to have. You don’t have to have it by law, but if you don’t you could be faced with a whopping vet’s bill if your pet falls ill. Yet peace of mind does not come cheap: the average dog costs £366 a year to insure. Read more

*** Pet health insurance:A good buy for anyone If you are planning to get a puppy or kitten soon, a young adult pet, or even a fully grown adult animal, pet health insurance can be a good buy.Read more

*** The true cost of owning a dog and the most and least expensive breeds to look after
The 5 costliest : # breeds # Dachshund # Jack Russell # Schnauzer # Yorkshire Terrier #Chihuahua.
The 5 least expensive:# Rottweiler # Bulldog # Akita # Shar Pei # Greyhound. Continue reading

*** Timberlake woman’s insurance cancelled over Facebook pictures “They sent us the pictures that they had taken off of my Facebook page of my dog Zeus who is a lab/hound mix. In the picture, the dogs are running through the snow with their blankets on it just didn’t seem that threatening to me,” she said.Read more

*** Is pet insurance worth the money?
Pet insurance can be expensive, but some experts and pet owners say it can potentially save you money in the long run.Read more

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