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Scammers look to capitalize on pain of lost animals

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Scammers preying on bereft pet parents in new scam
Posting on social media is a great way to alert a wide range of people about a lost pet. Unfortunately, that same publicity can put you at risk for scams. Con artists comb social posts to find targets who have lost their beloved pets. Read more

Warning to pet owners: Scammers look to capitalize on pain of lost animals
“It’s hard to go out in crowds cause you always think someone is coming after you. So you’re always watching looking over your shoulder. It thunders and you think it’s a bomb. You could be in the middle of a crowd perfectly fine then have a panic attack because there’s too many people,” Lowe said of the condition. Read more

Lost animal scam targets worried pet owners
The Better Business Bureau is warning people about a lost pet text message scam. Posting on social media is a great way to let people know about a lost pet. Read more

Woman’s lost dog for sale on Craigslist, returned home
“We had been looking for a dog for over a month, so when I finally found one on Craigslist that met those preferences, I was really excited,” Rollins said.Read more

Video: Dubai expat’s emotional reunion with her lost dog
A Dubai expat, who had lost her dog four years ago, was recently reunited with him with the help of authorities and the power of social media.According to a facebook post by ‘k9 friends’ – a shelter that rescues abandoned dogs in Dubai – Almen had lost her pet dog Rikky four years ago after he disappeared while being looked after the neighbours. Read more

Five ways to make sure your dog doesn’t go missing
Recently, the New Zealand Herald spoke to New Zealand’s very own pet detective, Megan Denize – a.k.a. Inspector Spot – who works hard to find lost pets, establishing her agency after fostering hundreds of animals and discovering one in three pets goes missing.Read more

Lost pet? Watch out for this text scam
How the scam works
You recently lost your pet, so you turn to social media to alert friends and neighbors. You create a public post, or even a group, to help spread the word. You share your phone number and other details, so people can easily reach you.Read more

Lost dog returns after surviving 9 months of brutal weather in mountains
A lost dog has returned home after surviving nine months and a brutal winter alone in the Idaho mountains.
Mo, an elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever, wandered away from her owners during a hunting trip last September. Read more

Who You Gonna Call When Fido Goes Missing?
If you drive across the country tuned in to public radio stations along the way, you’ll hear many of your favorite shows no matter where you are. Programs like “All Things Considered,” “This American Life,” and “Radiolab” are staples of public radio. Read more

Missing rescue dog from Greece found
A rescue dog from Greece went missing and she was let out of her cage at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Read more

Perth family offer reward after pet alpacas ‘mauled to death by dogs for sport’
A Perth family who lost their pet alpacas to a horrific dog attack believe the perpetrators were engaging in blood sport.
Elle Callo and her mother Nadine were woken late on Wednesday night by the barking of her own dogs and sounds of distress from her alpacas. Read more

The animals most likely to go missing according to NZ’s first pet detective
 A warning to those who own a husky or agile ocicat, these are the pets most likely to go missing in New Zealand, says the country’s first official pet detective, Megan Denize.Read more

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